To show you an actual players statistic can not be done without the player's password. But to show you what TAP has invested their money into is a must because no other league can provide this amount of information. Some teams have made their passwords the same so the team (captain) can see their players strengths and weakness. Plus the ability to razz their teammates. NEPATAP has recently lost a friend due to a health issues. He will be missed by all. We have made his stats available for all to see. His personal information is blocked but you can scout his preformance on his 80 matches he played in TAP. His handicap is 4.7 (this is only available to the league operator). He has played matches against all skill levels except a 6.
To view this information click on the icon. His username is 111205 his password is tap. Click on member scout.
Click on the 8 ball to see POOL-NET in action
password- tap